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Are you looking for some great packages to Zanzibar, this is the place to be. For some amazing packages to Zanzibar have a look what we can offer you. From more affordable packages that includes breakfast to all inclusive Zanzibar packages.

Zanzibar has evolved over the years to become one of the top International beach holiday destination. While Zanzibar years ago was mostly considered an adventure destination, with breath taking beaches, spectacular deep sea diving and plenty of deep sea fishing spots, these days so much more is on offer.

Plenty of International hoteliers have invested in Zanzibar, and have established beach resorts that offers the comfort and enjoyment for people looking for some luxury while staying on this tropical Island. Many adventure and water sports activities are also still to be found on Zanzibar, creating a perfect balance between luxury and outdoor enjoyment.

Why we say it is better to book a package.

While browsing the internet, you may find many website that make it easy to book your stay on Zanzibar, and it is also possible to book your flight directly with airlines. Arranging a taxi at Zanzibar airport to transfer to you to hotel can also be done. So why do we stay booking a package deal is better?
Not only will you save money with a package, as we received huge discounts from all the package components (accommodation, flights and transfers), but also you will have an independent company that can assist you when things go wrong.
If your flight is delayed, we will be able to assist you by ensuring that your transfers are updated to your new flight arrival time.
If you have a problem with your room, and the hotel is not providing you with the service that you need, we can contact the hotel management to speed up the process of providing a solution to the problem.
You will also have expert advice that will be able to provide you with tailor made packages that will suite your requirements.

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Diamonds Mapenzi Beach Zanzibar packages
Diamonds Mapenzi Beach is a perfect choice if you are looking for all inclusive packages for your stay on Zanzibar.
Our holiday packages will include your return flights departing from Johannesburg to Zanzibar, your private airport to hotel return transfers, and your room at the resort.
Diamonds Mapenzi beach offers guest 3 different room categories.
The Swahili rooms are the resorts entry level rooms, offering the best room rates and can accommodate up to 3 guest.
The Superior rooms can also accommodate either 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children, making it a perfect choice for people with larger families. Inter-connecting rooms are also available in this category.
The Beach Villas are the best rooms at the resort, with the villa’s located closest to the beach and a sea view.

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