The Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro

The third of five routes that we will talk about.

The Lemosho route has the status as being the longest route to take for reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.
While this route can be done in 6 days, additional days can be included to change the itinerary into a 7 or even 8 day hike. You will be driven to the western side of Kilimanjaro, to start your hike from the Londorossi park gate.
During the first couple days on this route, up to the Shira plateau, very few people will be found, and that make encounters with wild animals so much more likely.
At each camp you will be sleeping in tents, and your summit attempt will be via Stella point all the way up to Uhuru peak.
If you have done Kilimanjaro in the past, and looking for something different, then a good choice in route.

Have a look here if you interested in more on the Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro.

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